Frenetic Array

A canvas for logic and imagination.


Basically everything I cannot put on my Github, but still can serve some purpose will be posted here. The following material is copyrighted, but if properly attributed can be used in any manner.


School Projects

  • ChessAI: A fully-featured Chess AI using MiniMax with alpha-beta pruning with Quiescence Search & History Table.
  • Eigen: A Linear Algebra library with support for specialized Matrices, Vectors, and all associated operations.
  • Mechanical Match: A simplistic AI to solve Candy-Crush-esque games and the likes.
  • Socket Server: An iOS chatroom application with a Python server.
  • War Paint: An iOS live-action game where players must capture the most territory in a designated geographical grid within a time limit.
  • Plotter: A python script that takes a multiple functions and plots them (courtesy of matplotlib) onto an elegant LaTeX document.

Blog Projects

These are static pages that aren't really blog posts, but tools for people to look at or use.


Below are lecture notes I took/created from my schooling at Missouri S&T.


As a TA, I occasionally write assignments, solutions, or rubrics for assignments. Here are some that can be reused well.

Assignments probably have a solution, but I will not post them here (so someone cannot just google the solution).

  • Lab #8 (Template functions, function overloading, and structs) [ LaTeX ][ PDF ]
  • Lab #15 (Standard Template Library Vectors) [ LaTeX ][ PDF ]

However, these are solutions to projects I helped work on: