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Sleep Tracking With An Apple Watch

It’s no secret I am a giant advocate for tiny, smart devices on your wrist; they can track heart rate, push notifications, and can do fitness tracking very well. One thing I was very skeptical of was wearing it to bed — for sleep tracking.

After trying it for a week, I can safely say it is a success.

I currently use an Apple Watch (Series 4) with AutoSleep, and it works like a charm. I don’t have to open any app, or use any watch face. It just works.


Taking this a step further, I wondered what would happen if I used my Apple Watch as my sole alarm. Paranoid I would not get up, I set a backup alarm for several minutes later to make sure I was awake.

It works great.

I would be willing to say it works better than an audible alarm; I can filter audio pretty easily, not so much with a physical sensation on my wrist. Currently, I don’t have a backup alarm set. One alarm. Five in the morning. Every weekday.

As an added bonus, my heart rate is also tracked throughout the night. This is quite useful to not only see how well I slept, but how my metabolism acted throughout the night, something quite useful to determine if I ate too late on a weekend.

Heart Rate Recorded Throughout The Night.

Now, the only thing that can cause worry is the fact that an Apple Watch has a 18 hour battery life. I personally don’t find this a problem. I charge my watch during my shower in the morning, at my desk when I am sitting and working, and a little bit before bed. It charges fast enough throughout the day, I don’t really worry about it anymore.

A little tip as well: having a sleeping night face works pretty nicely.

My Personal Watch Face For Sleep.