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Quick Compile in Vim

One of the reasons I kept CodeRunner handy was its ability to quickly compile code. With a single click of a button, I could run any of my frequently used languages. It didn’t matter if it was an interpreted or compiled language, so I could virtually run anything, like:

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Lua
  • LaTeX
  • Perl

However, in the last few months I started using Vim. Heavily. So much so I was trying to use Vim command in the CodeRunner buffers. So I decided I wanted to have the functionality, and in vim-esque fashion, I mapped to my leader key: <leader>r. The mnemonic <leader>run helped me remember the command on the first few tries.

To get the functionality, just add the following to your .vimrc.

function! MakeIfAvailable()  
    if filereadable("./makefile")
    elseif (&filetype == "cpp")
        execute("!clang++ -std=c++14" + bufname("%"))
    elseif (&filetype == "c")
        execute("!clang -std=c11" + bufname("%"))
    elseif (&filetype == "tex")
        execute("!xelatex" + bufname("%"))
        execute("!open" + expand(%:r) + ".pdf")

augroup spaces  
    autocmd FileType c nnoremap <leader>r :call MakeIfAvailable()<cr>
    autocmd FileType cpp nnoremap <leader>r :call MakeIfAvailable()<cr>
    autocmd FileType tex nnoremap <leader>r :call MakeIfAvailable()<cr>
    autocmd FileType python nnoremap <leader>r :exec '!python' shellescape(@%, 1)<cr>
    autocmd FileType perl nnoremap <leader>r :exec '!perl' shellescape(@%, 1)<cr>
    autocmd FileType sh nnoremap <leader>r :exec '!bash' shellescape(@%, 1)<cr>
    autocmd FileType swift nnoremap <leader>r :exec '!swift' shellescape(@%, 1)<cr>
    nnoremap <leader>R :!<Up><CR>
augroup END  

Trailing Spacing

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is trailing whitespace. Trailing whitespace is such a pain because:

  • It can screw up string literals
  • It can break expectations in a text editor (i.e. jumping to a new line or the end of the line)
  • It can actually break programming languages
  • It is just unflattering

However, in Vim, it takes one autocmd to alleviate this.

augroup spaces  
    autocmd BufWritePre * %s/\s\+$//e
augroup END  

On every buffer save substitute spaces at the end of the line with nothing. Easy!